Best Car Air Fresheners in India

Best Car Air Fresheners: Some percent of our lives are spent on travelling. While spending so much time in a car the car starts smelling bad and all the bad smell gets trapped in it. So, keeping your car free from those bad kinds of smells we must put an air freshener inside it. With the help of, all the bad odour gets away and our car gets refreshed with beautiful and long-lasting fragrances.


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Godrej aer twist Car Air Freshener

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Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener

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Involve Your Senses Car Perfume

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Thanks to the best car air fresheners with the help of you can get rid of such a problem. It keeps your car refreshed and full of long-lasting fragrance. It becomes more soothing while driving or travelling in your car and makes your journey comfortable.

There are several of the best car air fresheners available in the market which makes your car full of fragrances all the time. Many companies use natural products, essential oils, and materials used to make medicines to make the best air car fresheners that contain NO chemicals which is good for your mind and body.

We are here to provide you with the best car air fresheners with the finest features which you can hope for. To fulfil your needs, we made a list of the best car fresheners, and you can select any one of these and fill your car with a  healthy atmosphere.

List of Best Car Air Fresheners in India

1. Godrej aer twist car air freshener

This air freshener is at the top of our list of best car fresheners as this air freshener is inspired by green grass and lush green valley. The world is so much developed that people cannot get fresh air. These are the only things which they can have. Godrej introducing a multipurpose Godrej aer twist. 

A fragrance specially designed for cars which is as practical as its caring, good looking and long-lasting. A car air freshener which is beautifully designed to place on and decorate your car with an unbelievable fragrance. Whenever you get inside your car you will always feel refreshed like you were in a place full of greenery.

The design is so compatible that you can put this air freshener anywhere without anyone noticing it. The unique easy twist structure is designed to control your concentration of fragrance whenever you want by enabling you to turn it on and off with a simple twist. The Godrej aer twist is powered by gel technology which prevents it from spilling while you are taking a bumpy ride.

The fragrance last long of about 60 days or even way more than that with its minimum evaporation. 8 different variants or essence is available for this air freshener such as fresh lush green, rich Irish cocktail, fresh forest drizzle, sunny citrus blast, cool surf blue, petal crush pink, bright tangy delight, and musk after smoke. So, it comes in many variants which anyone can choose according to their taste.

Best Features

  • Clever spill-proof gel technology
  • Keeps fragrance for up to 60 days
  • Very much compatible so you can put it anywhere you want
  • Box contains a Godrej aer twist car freshener, fresh lush green flavoured
  • Comes in 8 different variants as we already discussed in our list of best car air fresheners
  • Easy to control

2. Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener

The Ambi Pur is the world’s number one and best car air freshener and it plays a big role as it already reached over 80 countries. You can use the Ambi Pur car air freshener very easily. It continuously attempts for variants, innovations, and compatible design. The unique original design removes a bad smell and replaces it with a refreshing fragrance.

Do you know what a blind nose means? When you get used to odors by continuously being in the same area for long. So, to get rid of that, fill your car with the Ambi Pur air effects air freshener that eliminates the odor instead of covering it, this all happens because of the patented OdourClearTM technology. A slow distribution and a long-lasting freshness produced by the Ambi Pur Air effects.

This air freshener is designed very beautifully to keep it in your car on AC vents. The Ambi Pur car air freshener continuously disperses fragrance to give your car a long-lasting freshness. The 7.5 ml air freshener gel lasts long up to 60 days. The 5 levels let you control the level of fragrance.

The Ambi Pur comes in several variants such as sweet berries, sandalwood, exotic jasmine, rose and blossom, lavender bouquet, citrus power fresh boost, and citrus power toilet fresh. This air freshener is also effective for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and all.

Best Features

  • Easy to fix, control, use.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact and light in weight
  • Consistent fragrance release
  • Also available in 6 different variants
  • Fragrance level control
  • Last long for about 60 days
  • Fits on all AC vents

3. My Shaldan car air freshener

My Shaldan car air freshener is a very nice product as it can be used in cars as well as at your residence. It is one of the world’s oldest and most popular Japanese brands. But still, it is manufactured with the same process without compromising its value and quality. It has a refreshing, natural, and long-lasting cologne as it is made from natural limonene oil. My Shaldan contains citrus oil produced from over 500 orange peels in each can.

The limonene used has many benefits for the mind and body such as in digestion, helps in constipation, relieves water retention, vitamin C, reduces stress, energizes, promotes creative thinking, and encourages right brain functioning. Many companies tried copying its method and procedure but none came close to it. Its fragrance keeps your car fresh and makes the air feel pleasing and free of pollution.

Each can of My Shaldan lasts for more than 8 weeks. Comes in several variants like lemon, lime, orange, squash, orange mango, etc.

Best Features

  • Can be used in your car and residence as well.
  • Last long for about 60 days
  • Contains limonene oil produced from 500 citrus fruits like orange peels.
  • Limonene oil has various benefits like reducing stress and fighting exhaustion.
  • Made of only natural substances.
  • Keep away from sunlight


  • The only drawback is you cannot refill this air freshener

4. Involve Your Senses ONE Musk Organic Car Perfume

Involve one car air freshener packs a big hit with fiber fragrance cakes to change the air inside your car. These cakes contain three pieces of pleasant fragrance that will hypnotize you. The perfume spreads and covers a large area and can be smelled from far away. One fiber cake lasts more than 60 days.

The involve one comes in 75 plus fragrances in different variants such as musk, citrus, classic, lime, splash, spark, hype, French wood, snow fall, and mojito lemon. There is a lot of options but the charming musk one really makes through. The smell is very beautiful and long-lasting.

The involve musk is completely leak-proof and spill-proof because of its texture. The compatible design makes it easier for you to put this in your car, you can put this wherever you want like below the seat, on the dashboard, or even around the doors. 

The involve your sense ONE musk organic car perfume is made in India. It does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals so it is safe to use. Easy to carry and use.

Best Features

  • Made in India
  • 75 plus fragrance
  • Professional manufacturer
  • Compatible design
  • Premium blended long-lasting fragrance
  • 100% spill and leak proof perfume
  • An easy mechanism for switching it on and off
  • No gas no ammonia
  • Especially powered for SUV and sedans
  • Fragrance control shutter
  • Made with organic material


  • No water resistance

5. AirPro luxury Mic Man Black

Airpro air fresher provides a pleasing long-lasting fragrance for any atmosphere. It is designed to keep the atmosphere refreshed for a really long time. Its design is very beautiful and unique as it looks like a mic. A glue sticker is provided beneath the air fresher for placing or fixing it wherever you want in your car without worrying about it.

Easy to use and it lasts long for more than 60 days. It is totally leak and spill-proof. The Airpro luxury mic man is refillable with the liquid fragrance booster refill, you can refill the air freshener with the fragrance oil for a non-stop freshness. The inside has a new revolutionary fiber block. You can get rid of all the unwanted odor and replace it with a sweet and mesmerizing perfume every single time.

Best Features

  • Airpro air freshener delivers a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance.
  • Designed to keep the atmosphere refreshed.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • A 10 ml fragrance oil bottle is also included with the pack
  • Lasts long for about 60 days.
  • Made in India
  • Light fragrance type
  • Environmental protection

6. Godrej aer Click Car Vent Air Freshener 

The Godrej aer click fragrance is inspired by the smooth sea breeze flowing over coral reefs in beaches. It is as good looking as to how it smells and last long for about 60 days. The cleaver gel technology makes it spill and leak-proof while being on the bumpy roads. Getting with a modular design ensures the gel is held in a proper way and easy to remove and refill the new one. It has a mechanism that enables you to control the intensity of the fragrant and we can even turn it on/off with a simple click.

Built-in clip to hold it in your car AC vent. The gel-based fragrance gives you refreshing air for up to 60 days with every refill. Godrej aer click comes with 6 unique designer fragrances – Cool surf blue, Musk after smoke, Rich Irish cocktail, Fresh lush green, Bright tangy delight, and Petal crush pink. Beautifully designed to sit on your car vent so pick one of them that decorates your car interiors. 

Best Features

  • Lightweight modular design fits in your car AC vent. 
  • Spill-proof clever gel technology. 
  • Long-lasting up to 60 days. 
  • Easy click mechanism to switch it on /off as required. 
  • 1 unit of Godrej aer click fragrance (With refill). 
  • Variant – Cool surf blue. 
  • Available in 5 more fragrant – Musk after smoke Rich Irish cocktail, Fresh lush green, Bright tangy delight, and Petal crush pink.

Buyers guide for Car Fresheners

If you are planning to buy a car air freshener here are some of the things that you should keep in your mind before buying the best car air fresheners.


Air freshener is not the thing which you buy regularly, you buy it once a while. So you should go for those air freshener which lasts longer than others. Some fresheners last long for more than a few months but some last just for some weeks.


Different car air fresheners come in different designs. Some are huge in size which will be very difficult to keep in your car. You should go for those which you can keep on your dashboard or your cupholder or even down the seat. Or with help of double-sided tape, you can stick it on the dashboard so that it won’t come off.


 You can get many different kinds of variants in fragrance but you have to choose according to your taste, what kind of smell suits you. You can go for the organic one fully made of natural substances. Some are made of harmful chemicals that are mild and strong which is bad for health.


Most of the air fresheners have a complicated design which is very difficult to install. So, go get the ones that take no time to install or fix.

You have gone through our list of best car fresheners so we hope now it should be easy for you to choose one which best suits you and your car. Just keep one thing in mind is to keep changing the fragrance every once a while. 

Thank you for going through our list of Best Car Fresheners In India. I hope you decided what you have in your mind. For any queries, you may ask us by commenting down below.

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