Best GPS Tracking Device for Car

When it comes to security and protection of not only your car but your family or personnel. Installing a GPS tracker to your automobile is a wonderful way to display and locate its whereabouts at any given second of the day or night time. This is an exquisite option for families with younger, much less experienced drivers who might not recognize their way around and also to a few different drivers, or if you just need to have the peace of mind of knowing exactly where they are whenever they take the car out.

A GPS tracker is also a powerful safety precaution that can not only help to prevent automobile theft but if it may occur, having a GPS installed can assist you to instantly track and recover your automobile. The following comprehensive list of the best GPS Tracking Device For Car In India is made to help answer all of your questions concerning GPS trackers for your car and to train you on what to look for and what key functions are so that you can be sure to get the best product to fit your desires.

List of 5 Best GPS Tracking Device For Car in India

1. Onelap Micro – Hidden Waterproof GPS Tracker for Car

Onelap Telematics is a GPS monitoring service provider based out of India. Onelap is powerful car control, safety, and intelligence platform. This GPS device resides at the top of our list of the best GPS tracking device for car in India as this product is presently used by more than 1,00,000+ customers throughout three international locations. It allows end-customers and organization throughout many different angles and markets to track their automobiles and offers them peace of mind.

Simply connect the Onelap GPS tracker into your vehicle and get immediate access to precious insights about your vehicle right from your cellphone. Inside this device, there is a highly sensitive GPS chip that sends the vehicle’s accurate place to our cloud statistics servers and you may watch your vehicle’s live location plus full day driving history on our user-friendly interface. Onelap mobile app is compatible with more than 1500+ GPS trackers available in the marketplace.

Real-time location and address update with 5 seconds refresh rate so you can never lag for the duration of your tracking experience. You can see which routes the vehicle has taken in complete-day along with the stoppages taken. You can pick any date. See the location and time of existence of your vehicle in every area it visited. Get Total Distance, Run Time, Idle Time, Stoppage Time, Maximum Speed, and Average Speed for everyday travel of your automobile. Compare every day’s overall performance on graphs with preceding statistics points and average rating.

Multiple motors can be tracked on a single mobile dashboard. Onelap GPS tracker can be set up at any hidden part of the automobile. One can track all his/her motors on a single cellular dashboard. See your motors’ actual time movement on your smartphone with the use of a highly sensitive GPS chip and cloud servers. You can remotely turn off your vehicle’s ignition from your smartphone in case of any emergency including robbery. This is just an emergency function. Avoid the usage of this feature on daily basis.

Best Features

  • Live GPS tracking
  • Feature-rich and cost-effective service
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Driving history Up to 90 days of past data storage
  • Safe-zone and Geo-fence
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof, compact, and lightweight 
  • Remote engine lock
  • Daily statistics

2. LAMROD Supreme Car/Bike GPS Tracker

Lamrod GPS is a trusted and famous brand across India. There products help you to track Car/Bike/human accurately out of your mobile app. Stay connected and take care of your loved ones with a highly accurate actual-time GPS tracking machine. Nowadays there is a  growing high threat of automobile theft, protect your vehicle with Lamrod GPS and drive your vehicle with peace of mind. With the ever-growing graph of vehicle thefts inside the country, Lamrod GPS becomes a compulsory device for every car and motorbike owner.

In the situation of your vehicle getting stolen, simply shut down the ignition from your mobile application downloaded on your smartphone. This is the best car GPS tracker system. With Lamrod GPS you could screen all activities of your car. Any rash driving or malicious activities can be detected with remote monitoring. Visit all your automobile direction history and discover the locations of halts and delays with the Lamrod GPS. Set the Custom Speed limit within the APP. Get notified when the car is over-speeding. Get Speed-graph reporting in excel format.

Up to 90 days backup Playback. Playback for specific custom time intervals. Playback places file in excel layout. Set fence and notification when the vehicle gets out of the chosen path. Get actual-time location of Vehicle even after stolen. Get Notified When Someone tries to steal your vehicle. A-GPS technology offers you the correct location. Can Locate an automobile within the parking place. Enabled with MTK high sensitivity chipset.

Best Features

  • Over speeding alert
  • Anti-theft protection
  • History playback
  • Quick installation
  • GPS SIM card included
  • Pinpoint location
  • Real-time tracking
  • One year replacement warranty

3. Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator

Yepzon is a Finland-based technology company with a strong presence in the European and US marketplace. Yepzon already has a happy and rapidly growing network of clients in the area who consider their products in ordinary life and keep locating new and innovative uses for their carrier. They are father and mother, puppy-proprietors, dependents, automobile fanatics, cross country runners, explorers, globetrotters, and others – with heaps of diverse wishes. Thanks to their service, the people could spend extra of their time doing the things that they love – with an added sense of safety and peace of thoughts. For your most valuable things near your heart, there is Yepzon.

Yepzon does not collect any personal or private records. You can share the locator’s rights only with the person you want. Yepzon GPS transmitter’s battery can last for numerous weeks. Most of the time the tracker is asleep and only activates itself whilst it senses any kind of movement. You can set how frequently the GPS updates its location from Yepzon Cloud. There is even a choice to switch off your Yepzon from the app when you know you may not be using it for some time. Don’t you worry, Yepzon will remind you when it needs to be charged.

Connect your Yepzon One device to a charger, connect to a phone and follow the moving tool easily with the Yepzon App. Its smooth construct and handy attaching mechanism make it simple to connect anywhere.

Best Features

  • Multi-purpose GPS tracking device
  • Advanced tracking with GPS and Bluetooth
  • Family safety, locate valuables, and track vehicles
  • Date security
  • Reliable battery life
  • Easy to use Yepzon App
  • Sleek and compact design

4. Acumen GPS Tracker Device

Acumen Track GPS trackers for your vehicle, motorcycle, truck, bus, auto any form of automobile. Their motto is to offer you first-rate technology for your family and your valuables. UC 900 GPS tracker empowered you with their exciting function. Real-time (24×7) automobile location monitoring via their mobile app Track. Their device is totally running on the Indian server India track, not on any Chinese server. This product is one of the best GPS Tracker For Car In India 2021 

Real-time (24×7) monitoring of your vehicle, even when your car is a thousand miles faraway from you, still you can get the location on Map/Satellite view on Acumen APP. Due to the enormously Sensitive GPS Chip, it sends you the accurate location of your automobile every time. You get Daily states Report consisting of Run Time, Idle time, Stoppage time, Maximum Speed, like what number of Km your car has traveled, how many hours it has traveled, and what number of hours it has stopped so as to help you to evaluation universal usage of your car. You can also download this information in excel and PDF format for the ultimate 90 days from the daily travel summary segment.

Ignition ON/OFF Alert will keep you up to date whilst your automobile Ignition gets ON/OFF with area and time. So If the ignition is turned on or the vehicle is moved via towing or pushing you will get notified. You can remotely Cut-off engine by the mobile APP to secure your automobile in case of theft. You can create Unlimited Geo-Fence, on every case whenever your car gets IN/OUT in that specific set zone; you’ll instantly get the alert. Parking Mode keeps your vehicle safe if in case, someone moves your car when its parking mode is ON, then it sends you a strong buzz on your cellphone so you can understand that your parked car is now moving without your knowledge.

Best Features

  • Live GPS tracking
  • Daily report as a PDF or Excel format
  • Anti-theft alarm and the engine cut off
  • Unlimited Geo-Fence and Parking Mode
  • Compatible with all vehicle and bike

5. AutoPowerz OBD II GPS Tracker For Vehicle

AUTOPOWERZ GPS Tracker OBD II connects to satellites and nearby cell networks to send GPS monitoring coordinates to their servers. Connect to a Google Maps GUI interface that you could use to see the modern position and records of your car. The GPS tracker will arrive with a Pre-configured login ID and Password to login to the server: the serial number will be printed on the device’s label. Password: 123456 by default, you can reset it with a computer. GPS monitoring server to view the current location and history log of the thing you are tracking. These are some of the reasons that this product is on our list of best car GPS tracker device in India.

OBD GPS is extremely good for tracking a Vehicle. Connect to the OBD Port II, it updates every 20 secs when the Vehicle is moving. Goes to sleep after your automobile is parked for 5 minutes or more. Displays the last location before going to Sleep Mode. Access any time through Web server or text. Connects to OBD II port for non-stop Power. Wireless connection comes with internal 4 Hour backup battery life. Live tracking with live reporting and history log. You can view it on your phone or website. You can also get hold of GPS coordinates through SMS Text.

Best Features

  • Excellent for tracking vehicle
  • Updates every 20 seconds
  • Goes to sleep when your car is parked for 5 minutes or more
  • Tracking with live reporting and history log
  • Receive GPS coordinates through SMS
  • 4 hours battery backup
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That completes our list of the best GPS tracking device for car in India with the help of you can have your desired GPS tracking device which better suits your vehicle. So go for the most reputed brands which give you the best connectivity and some additional features for making your journey easy and enjoyable without losing your vehicle.

We hope you like our list of best car GPS tracker India. And we think you have decided what you are going to get. For any queries feel free to leave a comment and thank you.

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