Best Mobile Holder For Car in India

If you are looking for the best mobile holder for car in India, then you are on the right track. Staying connected with your mobile phones is more serious nowadays. Whether you are using it for navigating, GPS, playing music, hands-free calling, and so forth while driving. Nowadays smartphones play a vital role in our daily life whether in the office or home or even while we drive. Having a mobile phone in our hands while driving isn’t the right idea. It makes everyone sitting inside the vehicle at risk.

So, preventing you from all that risk there is a solution to increase your safety on the road by getting the best cell phone holder for car India. The main purpose of any best phone holder for car is just to hold your smartphone safe on the way while you drive. There are generally two kinds of phone holders you can get. One is the car vent holder that connects to your AC vents through the clips attached to it and the other is with the gel pads which stick on the dashboard or on your windshield.

So, if you are planning to get a phone holder for your car here is some of the important factors you should keep in mind before going to get one. The list carries the best mobile holder for car in India which are easy to use, worth spending money, can help you to navigate easily, answer your calls hands-free. As there are so many options in the markets it is fair to be confused. To make your work a bit easy we made this list.

List of 5 best mobile holder for car in India

Phone Holder

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ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder


ZAAP QuickTouch Car Mount/Mobile Holder


Portronics CLAMP Car-Vent Mobile Holder


Amkette iGrip Windshield Car Mount


Spigen QS11 Car Mount mobile Phone Holder


1. ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder 

The ELV provides a safe, multipurpose, and highly functional smartphone mounting solution with its adjustable phone holder. This brand is a known brand in the current Indian online market. Simply mount it with the one-touch fastening feature. The product is equipped with a telescopic arm to provide users a better viewing angle when using their mobile phones. It holds the surface with a tight grip securely so you don’t have to worry about it to get off. It sticks to most of the surfaces including texture surfaces and yet it can still be removed and readjusted to other places.

This stylish product is light in weight, and the anti-scratch feature protects your holder from scratches and damages. The ELV one-touch mounting system fix and loses the device with just a push of a finger. It provides additional mounting support for multiple surfaces with the two-step locking lever.

The device also has a 360-degree rotation feature with the help it can fully adjust for quick portrait and landscape views. The new telescopic arms add extra 2 inches to allow your phone for closer viewing. It keeps your mobile phone in view at your eye level so that you can easily stream music, find GPS directions, answer calls, and all. 

Best Features

  • Compatibility
  • Easy one-touch to car mount
  • Telescopic arm
  • Powerful grip at the bottom 
  • Two-step locking
  • Easy access
  • Premium design
  • Anti-scratch
  • 360-degree rotation

2. Zaap Quick One Touch 360 Adjustable Car Mobile Holder

The ZAAP’s main goal is to provide great products for those who seek life’s great adventures. These all things drive them to do everything possible to expand human potential. They do all that by creating innovative lifestyle products by making them more sustainable by building a diverse and creative team and also by making a positive impact in societies for them to work.

The ZAAP one-touch car phone holder provides a safe, versatile, and highly functional smartphone mounting solution. Like other previous holders, the new car phone holder is filled with great features such as quick touch locking features as well as has a super gel pad that doesn’t let it loose. It also includes some of the other features like shock stabilizer, anti-vibration locking lever, anti-fall mechanism, three times extra telescopic arm pull force, three times extra gel pad strength. The product is completely Made in Korea.

The product locks and releases the smart device with just a push of a finger with its easy quick one-touch mounting system. It can hold almost every smartphone you have as it holds devices with a width of 2.3- 3.5 inches which is more than enough for a smartphone. For easy charging of different mobile phones, an adjustable bottom knob is provided and silicon rubber for scratch-proof clamping. It is designed with a new two-step locking lever which makes sure that your mobile holder can be used on different surfaces.

180 degrees and 360 degrees for rotation of height adjustment and quick portrait/landscape view respectively. It sticks securely to most surfaces but can still be easily removable. And used multiple times as much as you can after rinsing the bottom with water and air drying. Its three times extra strength can hold devices up to 7 kgs. It is also included with an anti-fall lock mechanism.

Best Features

  • Easily mounted on dashboard, windshield, and many more
  • One-touch mounting system
  • Super long telescopic arm
  • Universal compatibility
  • Shock stabilizer
  • 360-degree multiple angle adjustment
  • Reusable gel pads
  • Silicon rubber for scratch-proof clamping
  • Sliding bottom
  • Anti-fall lock mechanism

3. Portronics Clamp X Car Vent Mobile Holder

We already heard of Portronics and its products. It is the best and most trusted Indian brand. It has been widespread along with the whole market for the last 10 years. Portronics provides many electronics and digital products and is a reliable brand. It has consistently served the best services and products in the Indian market leading the growth in its technology. That is why this product is on our list of the best mobile holder for car in India.

You can drive safely while tracking the direction with GPS on Google Maps or can have a conversation through the speaker with this car vent mobile holder. You don’t have to worry about holding your mobile phones while operating anymore. It is quite easy to mount and unmount the phone from the frame with the original one-click release button technology and adjustable side grips to properly fix your device. All of these processes can be done single-handedly adding to its convenience.

You can fix your phone to the adjustable sidearm by simply pressing the button on the back to open the sides of the mount to fit the size of your phone. Secure your phone in the mount by closing the side arms. It can hold any smartphone up to 6 inches in the car AC vent. With the unique patented design of clamp x, it can easily put up on any AC vent type, thin or thick, vertical or horizontal plastic vents. So, it is not upon your type of AC vent to decide what kind of car vent mobile holder you should go for. You just have to keep one thing in mind that the circular vents are not suited for this product.

Clamp X has a soft padded body on the inside which makes sure that your mobile phone does not get scratches from it. While your device is mounted on the holder a small opening at the bottom of the clamp X allows you to charge the device. And you can also adjust your device to suit the view you want with the 360-degree rotation feature.

Best Features

  • Patented technology
  • The adjustable sidearm design
  • One-click release button
  • Innovative silicon pad cushioned clip
  • Easy to install
  • Soft padded inside body
  • Easily charges your device
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Designed for safe driving
  • Flexible
  • 6 months manufacturing warranty

4. Amkette Igrip One Touch Dashboard And Windshield Car Mount

The Amkette iGrip one-touch easy view car mount is the perfect compact car mount. It is simple, safe, compact, and secure. With easy one-handed operation, powerful clamps, and a simple and unique design, you don’t have to worry about your smartphones and your hands will be on the wheel. With the one-touch lock mechanism, it is simple and easy to use, it lets you simply place your phone in the cradle to get the strong and sturdy grip you need on a bumpy ride. It cares about all your driving experience.

The gel pad on the iGrip easy view car mount uses a special kind of sticky silicone gel that maximizes suction by removing any air gaps produced by dust particles. By cleaning with running water and then air-drying the pad, the stickiness of the gel can be restored. While using it, it is highly recommended to clean the surface before. And if your surface is textured using the dashboard pad.

The product ensures a highly durable car mount with high resistance to falls with the premium polycarbonate body. All the materials used are of high quality providing the car mount a long life and a smooth operation. This iGrip easy view car mount is featured with 360-degree rotation with the help of it can be used in both portrait and landscape mode without annoyance. It brings your smartphone closer to you as well as the person sitting beside you.

The car holder can easily be attached to your windshield for an easy and comfortable driving experience. The sticky gel suction pad guarantees a secure and stronghold. 

Best Features

  • Easy one-touch button
  • Gel-based suction pad
  • Dashboard pad
  • Locking side arms, lock and release bars
  • Premium polycarbonate plastic body
  • Reusable pad after rinsing and drying
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Compact car mount
  • Super strong grip
  • 1-year warranty

5. Spigen Kuel Quad Car Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder

Spigen is a South Korean mobile phone accessory maker based in the United States that makes phone holders, cases, screen protections, and other accessories for your smartphones. And this kuel QS11 car mount holder is one of them. This product gives you residue-free stability with minimal bulk and appearance and much more. This phone holder is forced to be reckoned with its strong magnetic attraction.

No matter how bumpy the ride is, this phone holder holds the smartphone securely in place. Two metallic plates are provided a circular and a rectangular one which has to be fixed to the back of the smartphone or the phone case. Then simply attach your phone to the magnet and enjoy a hands-free ride. No side arms are required to hold the phone. The magnet gets fixed into the AC vents. The magnet best works with Spigen’s cases but works with any other phone case as well.

Best Features

  • Strong magnets – stable hold on a device even in extreme motion
  • 360-degree viewing – simply twist the device to the desired orientation
  • No side arms or clips or buttons just place and enjoy
  • Strong firm grip on the air vent blade due to the rubber material
  • Highly compatible
  • Securely holds phone with no adhesive residue
  • Slim design – 0.15” optimum viewing
  • Powerful and drop-proof magnetic attachment
  • Fits mostly in straight AC vents.

Using a phone holder lets you keep your phone in reach while you drive. This wonderful mobile product will let you stay connected with loved ones even when you are on the move. The smartphone will be right in front of you, so you don’t have to worry about it even when you drive and you can do all the tasks with ease.

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Some of the important features I am going to discuss are the holder should be firmly attached to your dashboard, windshield, or AC vents. So that it doesn’t fall off even when you are passing a bumpy road. It should be highly compatible with most of the devices. The installation should be in a one quick easy step. You can easily change the orientation from horizontal to vertical or any other viewpoint.

Thank you for going through all the things we discussed about the best phone mount for car India. If you have any queries feel free to leave a comment.

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