Best Shampoo For Car in India

Keeping your car neat and clean is a must which provides a sense of satisfaction as well. Dust, grime, and dirt are elements that will pile up your car and makes your car untidy every once in a while, your car needs a nice and decent car wash to brighten things up. An automated car wash doesn’t always give you the result you need. It can also be achieved by doing it yourself by the old method.

The car wash shampoos were specially designed for the single purpose of getting rid of dirt, debris, and other unwanted, contaminants of a car’s interior and exterior. Some are basically formulated for removing acidic and sticky crap, tree fluid while some are enhanced to remove dirt and grime from a car that has a proper paint and protective treatment like waxing and all.

There are a lot of benefits you can have with a car wash shampoo. Some of them are you can achieve better cleaning because for many people automated car washes are not thorough enough, so instead, they invest in car washing products. It can be relaxing as doing things by yourself gives you great satisfaction compared to be done by others or by automated devices. And of course, it is definitely cheaper than automated car washes.

There are a variety of car washing products that are available in the market. And to find the right product for your car becomes a bit difficult. So before going for a car shampoo, we must know some of the factors about the products such as pH value, drying time, shampoo concentration, chemical content, nature friendly, and most importantly its price. So, keeping all the major factors in mind we made a list of the best shampoo for car in India available for you.

Car Shampoo

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3M Care car wash shampoo

1 litre

Formula 1 Carnauba wash and wax Shampoo

472 gms

Waxpol Ecosaver car shampoo concentrate

1.5 kg

Wavex Wonder car wash shampoo

1 litre

Niks car wash foaming shampoo

1.12 kg

Sonax interior car cleaner

500 ml

List of 5 best shampoo for car in India

1. 3M Care Car Wash Shampoo

Keep all your car stains away by the use of this car wash shampoo by 3M. Your car always moves through dusty streets and muddy roads day in and day out. Because of all these, your car’s appearance becomes dull. This 3M car wash shampoo works fine with soft and hard water. This is one of the facts that this belongs in this list of best shampoo for car in India.

With this shampoo it becomes easier to rinse, foam removes tough dirt and grime without even affecting the painted or polished surface of your car. We all know that dirt and dust cannot easily settle on smooth surfaces. The car wash shampoo smoothens the surface so much that it does not allow the dust to settle quickly after every wash.

Because of all that movements through dusty streets and muddy roads, the dirt, mud, pollution, and heat make your car lose its shine. So, you get the gloss back of your car with the car wash shampoo by 3M. The same acts as a protective layer over your car paint maintaining its look new for a longer period of time. It prevents the paint of your car from fading too soon. This product is best for your car as it ranks at the top of the best sellers list.


  • Safe on paint
  • Does not affect the wax on your car’s surface
  • Removes tough dirt and road grime
  • PH balanced
  • Easy rinse-off rich foam formula
  • Keeps the paint intact
  • Shiny and glossy look
  • Dust resistance

2. Formula 1 Carnauba Wash And Wax Shampoo

As we already know about Formula 1, it is one of the world’s largest selling range of car care products. It is being sold in over 75 countries worldwide. This is the reason it belongs in our list of best shampoo for car in India. Formula 1 has a wide range of more than 200 car care products for exterior as well as interior purposes. Formula 1 products are manufactured in the USA, formulated with grade 1 carnauba wax which is a resin obtained from the leaves of palm tree which is known as Copernica Cerifera. Carnauba tree is often referred to as the tree of life by the Brazilian natives as it is used in many different ways to sustain and support.

It is widely accepted as the hardest commercial wax known to humans as pure carnauba wax has the highest melting point of all the natural waxes, in its natural state it is even harder than concrete. It has the ability to hold oil and has an excellent gloss property. This manufacturing company uses the finest, high-quality ingredients that provide superior shine to your vehicle. The micro polishing agents help to remove minor scratches and swirl marks to give that new look just the way you bought it for the first time.


  • Rich foam deep clean
  • Adds a carnauba wax shine as it washes
  • Wash and wax in just one easy step
  • World’s number one car care brand
  • The oldest and largest selling car care brand
  • Foams remove away tough stains and grime
  • Leaves light-duty carnauba wax shine
  • Neither harm nor dull the paint of your car
  • Protects from dirt and grime
  • High performance

3. Waxpol Ecosaver Car Shampoo Concentrate

Ecosaver car shampoo concentrate is Waxpol’s bulk pack range. This range of Waxpol products delivers a high-quality car shampoo at a very reasonable price. For high-volume users of car care products, it is very ideal. The sizes are enhanced in such a way that it is easy to manage. It is highly affordable to use and the quality stays at its best after opening.

Provides high foaming and powerful cleaning. The Ecosaver car shampoo concentrate by Waxpol is a biodegradable, economical, pH-balanced car shampoo which is formulated with high foaming and higher cleaning agents which cleans all stains and dirt deeply with ease. It deeply cleans excess dirt and grime without damaging the paint of your car.

The Waxpol Ecosaver car shampoo contains no harmful chemicals and abrasives, clear coat safe and safe for all kid of finishes. It is completely safe for hands and skin. It also has a rich foam formula that can easily be rinsed off without putting in much effort. With a Litre of this car shampoo, you can make 200 Litres of wash solutions. It can be used with foaming guns for foam wash.

This shampoo can be used on all types of paintworks, PU, acrylic, polycarbonate, gel coats, plastic, rubber, vinyl, metalized plastic, stone, metal, glass, wood, etc. After using this your car will get a glossy look for about a week.


  • High foaming
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Economical
  • Clearcoat safe
  • Biodegradable
  • pH balanced
  • Easy rinse off
  • Deep cleans dirt and grime
  • Safe in hands and skin

4. Wavex Wonder Car Wash Shampoo

The Wavex wonder car wash shampoo is one the best vehicle shampoo in the auto service and maintenance industry. That is why this is on our list of best care shampoo India. The main thing that this shampoo is different from the rest of the car wash shampoo’s is the fact that it is absolutely easy-to-use product that works extremely fine with the bucket wash method making it the best choice for car care. It effectively helps in cleaning tough dirt and grime from the vehicle with its high foams, honey-thick viscosity.

The advanced pH neutral formulation makes it easy on your vehicle’s exterior, hands & skin, and the environment but makes it tough on dirt. It does not leave any kind of streaks marks or water spots. Both cleanings, as well as shine, can be achieved by the dual agent property. For a single wash, 5 ml is enough.

With this new and improved WaveX wonder wash shampoo it gives your car the treatment it deserves. A premium grade, high foaming car wash shampoo helps to get rid of dirt and grime from your car and leaves it with a nice pleasant scent and natural shine. The shampoo is gentle on your vehicle’s exterior, interior, and your hands being a pH neutral.


  • No streaks or water spots
  • Super high cutting agent
  • Dual agent property which provides both cleanings as well as shine
  • Super high foam
  • Economical
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to use
  • A premium grade High foaming shampoo 

5. Niks Car Wash Foaming Shampoo

Niks car shampoo is made with specialized materials from Switzerland which provides your car an extra shine and clean with a rich foam. The shampoo can be used with hard water as it has water softer quality which gives the best result in a car wash with extra foam-based formula, especially with a spray gun. It is great for those who want to save time and effort as its super high foam lifts and holds dirt in suspension and promotes film-free rinsing. One of the reasons it belongs in this list of best car wash soap in India.

With the help of Niks car wash shampoo, you can remove all the tough dirt from the car surface without affecting the natural shine and color of the car. It cleans all the dirt in a single go and it does not affect the wax on the car. This shampoo also contains carnauba wax which gives your car an additional shine and gloss. The shampoo works easily with hard water and removes all the stains and grime from the car effectively.

The Niks car wash shampoo removes all the dirt and mud from your car and gives you a shiny new look with its rich thick foam formula. It cleans your car without damaging the surface as this shampoo specialized formula does not affect the pH of the car. Also formulated with BBX technology which provides a super shiny look after removing all the dirt and grime from your car. Extra-heavy density made for less quantity usage, in 5literss of water just add 10 to 15 ml of shampoo.


  • Removes tough stains
  • Contains Carnauba wax
  • Extremely effective with hard water
  • Rich thick foam formula
  • pH balanced with a nice fragrance
  • BBX technology provides extra shine and more cleaning power
  • Works great with jet foaming gun
  • Does not affect the wax
  • No hazardous chemical
  • Safe of paint

6. Sonax Interior Car Cleaner

THE Sonax interior car cleaner thoroughly and gently removes tough dirt and grime from car interior trims, textile covers, furnished seats, sunroof, and plastic roof linings. Leaves a fresh fragrance in your vehicle. The rich foaming action formula is great in cleaning agents that bond to foreign contaminants deep within the surface, neutralizing odors and leaving behi8nd a clean, fresh fragrance.

Special car cleaner for the complete car’s interior and exterior. Complete car for plastic and textile surfaces such as car interior trims, cockpit, vinyl seats, etc. This shampoo can be used on all types of paintworks, PU, acrylic, polycarbonate, gel coats, plastic, rubber, vinyl, metalized plastic, stone, metal, glass, wood, etc. After using this your car will get a glossy look for about a week.


  • Effectively cleans and removes stubborn dirt
  • Safe for standard furnished seats
  • Safe for interior plastics such as dashboards. Etc.
  • Leaves behind a fresh fragrance
  • Quick and easy application
  • Fast foaming formula
  • Reliable performance
  • Attractive pricing
  • Eliminated odors
  • Lightning-fast result

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Considering all the important factors discussed in our list of best car shampoo India before directly going to the shop to get one. Have proper knowledge about the difference between the different car wash shampoo as all of them contain different components, chemicals. Some are harmful and some are nature friendly, some protect your car’s surface from harmful particles.

Thank you for going through our list. We did a lot of research before putting all this information together. We hope you made up your mind about what you are going to get for your car. Our list of best shampoo for car in India might have helped you. For any queries and questions feel free to leave a comment.

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